Copper Wire Granulators

Bronneberg supplies quality copper wire granulators and wire strippers. Our wire granulator machines even handle the most difficult types of cables and other materials. Bronneberg’s copper wire granulators operate without any problems under the toughest circumstances. Our cable granulator or cable granulation systems can granulate and separate the most difficult kinds of cables, including copper aluminium wires, industrial cabling and automotive wiring harnesses.

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Wire Granulators & Strippers from Bronneberg

Bronneberg offers innovative solutions for the efficient granulation of cables, both for small car recycling businesses and for multifunctional scrap yards. With a copper wire granulator from Bronneberg, you will achieve the highest copper recovery rates on the market. Our cable granulation plants are able to separate different materials due to their specific density and weight to 99% purity. As standard, we equip all our cable granulation systems with pulverizing mills to process flexible wires without losing a significant percentage of copper in the plastic and rubber regrinds.

Complete cable recycling solutions

Our cable recycling experts will advise you the best tailor-made solution for your cable recycling business. Please do not hesitate to contact Broneberg’s specialists for the best choice in new and used cable recycling equipment, copper wire granulator prices and more.