Alligator Shears

Alligator shears or crocodile shears are widely used in scrap yards around the world to cut scrap metal and separate the different material parts, increasing their purity and value. These shears are perfect for preparing scrap for shredding and will optimise your work processes. Certain Alligator Shears models come with a front-mounted anvil and may have a hydraulic hold-down clamp and can be used in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic cycles.

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Alligator Scrap Metal Shears from Bronneberg

Alligator scrap metal shears from Bronneberg have been developed to last, using high-quality heavy-duty components. Bronneberg are experts with years of experience in developing recycling machinery and shearing equipment. Our alligator shears offer maximum cutting force combined with reliability, and comply with the highest safety standard. Simple to adjust and set up, Bronneberg’s alligator shears are available in different configurations to match your production requirements.

Complete Recycling Solutions

Our Bronneberg specialists will be delighted to advise you on the best alligator shear for your recycling business, taking your specific needs and requirements into account. In addition to our range of new alligator shears, you can also buy used alligator shears from Bronneberg.

If you would like more information about our range of alligator shears, please contact Bronneberg.