Recycling Machines & Products

As the leading recycling manufacturer in the Netherlands, Bronneberg has been providing innovative solutions for the recycling industry since 1946. We have extensive experience in the production, distribution and servicing of recycling equipment and turnkey installations for the circular economy. 

We are able to design and deliver high quality recycling machinery for ferrous and non-ferrous metals that match the specific demand of the waste stream to be recycled. Our solutions are based on size reduction, separation, compacting and transportation of these waste streams.

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Cable Recycling Equipment

We manufacture and trade new and used cable stripping machines and cable granulation systems, specifically designed to process cables of all diameters and sizes, including heavy duty PVC and armoured cables. 

Aluminium Recycling Machinery

Due to the high rate of energy saving turnover, the goal when recycling aluminium is to achieve the purest end fraction. This material will be oversupplied back to the aluminium smelter and melt losses can be minimised. Bronneberg offers an extensive range of aluminium recycling machinery, including alligator shears, metal balers and hammer mills

Metal Recycling Equipment

The metal recycling industry encompasses a wide range of metals. The more frequently recycled metals are scrap steel, iron (ISS), lead, aluminium, copper, stainless steel and zinc. Bronneberg manufactures and trades a wide range of scrap metal recycling machinery, from metal shredders to scrap shears and shear balers. 

Bronneberg provides flexible recycling solutions, so if you can’t find what you're looking for, contact one of our experts!