• Single Shaft Shredder Forrec Type SR-1500
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Single Shaft Shredder Forrec Type SR-1500

Single Shaft Shredder Forrec Type SR-1500

This medium sized single shaft shredder from the Forrec "SR-range" is designed for the initial size reduction of a wide range of materials. After the material has been shred to a homogeneous output fraction, ferrous particles will be removed by means of an outfeed conveyor belt with cross magnet. After this process the material can be further processed.

This single shaft metal shredder is equipped with a hydraulic pusher with a radial design. This guarantees the highest production rates in the market.
Depending on the material that needs to be processed, the operator can choose from various screens to determine the size of the output fraction.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty design;
  • Different types of hardened rotor available (flat and profiled);
  • Automatic reverse in case of overloading (managed by PLC);
  • Bearings outside cutting chamber;
  • Hydraulic radial pusher for maximum throughput;
  • Mechanical transmission;
  • Easy exchangeable screens;
  • Customer specific infeed hopper and base frame available;
  • Reversible blades and interchangeable blade holders.

This single shaft pre-chopper can treat the following materials:

  • Plastics and PVC
  • Light steel armoured electric wires
  • Wood
  • Circuit boards (PCB)
  • Aluminium cans and radiators
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous turnings
  • Medical waste
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Wood

We are able to configure a single shaft shredder exactly to your specific requirements. Our full range of industrial single shaft shredders can be delivered with a wide range of conveyor belts, vibrating tables, magnets, granulators and eddy current separators.

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Power pack: Electric 45 kW
Rotor diameter: 295 mm
Revolutions: 100 - 120 RPM
Dimensions rotor blades: 40 x 40 mm
Capacity: 600 - 2.000 Kg/h depending on input material
Rotor length: 1.500 mm
Weight: 6.500 Kg
Number or rotor blades: 50
Number of fixed blades: 3
Dimensions: 2.700 x 2.200 x 2.400 mm
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