• Forrec Single Shaft Shredder Type XK-3000-H
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  • Single shaft shredder Forrec
  • Single shaft shredder Forrec
Forrec Single Shaft Shredder Type XK-3000-H

Forrec Single Shaft Shredder Type XK-3000-H

Reliability, solidity and the highest production throughputs - combined with versatility and ease of use - make this single shaft shredder an ideal recycling machine. With the development of the hydraulic driven single shaft shredder type XK-3000-H, Forrec offers the most advanced solution for the treatment of aluminium profiles, aluminium bales, RDF, wood, plastics and polymers.

The unique patented rotor in combination with the radial pusher guarantee the highest production rates in the market - even under the toughest working circumstances. Maintenance operations are greatly simplified as the operator can get quick access to the rotor and screens. The screens can be easily changed to determine the size of the output fraction, after which a further processing and separating of material can be done by means of magnets, hammer mill and eddy current separator.

Features of the Forrec XK-3000-H Single Shaft Shredder

  • Patented rotor design and hydraulic radial pusher for maximal throughput
  • High thick steel frame with minimum number of welding points
  • Shock dampeners to reduce stress
  • Hydraulic transmission with planetary gearboxes
  • Customisable infeed hopper and base frame
  • Bearings outside the cutting chamber to avoid damages
  • Interchangeable rotor and counter blades
  • Hydraulic screen opening for performing quick maintenance
  • Rotor cooling settings for continuous cycle processing
  • Automatic greasing system (PLC)
  • Built in modem for fast remote diagnostics
  • PLC control stop and reverse system for non-shreddable materials

Examples of materials that can be processed with the Forrec XK-3000-H

Bronneberg can design a full turn-key recycling plant according your specific materials and throughput capacities. Our standard product range consists of various infeed and outfeed conveyor belts, vibrating tables, magnets, hammer mills, grinders and separation systems.

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Power pack: Electric 2 x 200 kW
Shaft speed rotation: 15 - 26 RPM
Rotor diameter: 750 mm
Dimensions of rotor blades: 105 x 105 x 50 mm
Weight: 40 tons without base frame and hopper
Transmission: Hydraulic with gearbox
Rotor length: 3.000 mm
Number of rotor blades: 46
Number of counter blades: 24
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