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Shear Baler Roter RR-550/6

Shear Baler Roter RR-550/6

Roter Recycling "RR series" shear balers for scrap metal are the best solution to compact and shear all types of steel and ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Roter shear balers are equipped with a diesel motor (electric motor on demand) and a radio remote control for optimal and comfortable use of the machine from a remote position. The 7” colour touch screen panel allows the operator to control the parameters of the machine, and to plan the processing of scrap metal.

A self-diagnostic system guides the operator in finding any faults that have occurred. Roter shear balers in this series are equipped with auto shut-off security sequence which is activated in case of alarms or anomalies that may compromise the safety of the operator or of the machine. It 's also available with alarms history database, and a working time database for a better maintenance planning. All parts are easily reachable for quick and easy maintenance.

Standard working programs:

  • Dense baling
  • Baling for mills (shredders)
  • Shearing with pre-compression
  • Shearing without pre-compression

Standard features:

  • Main hydraulic pump: Parker PV Plus Series
  • Diesel engine: Perkins
  • PLC: Siemens S7-300
  • Remote control: Autec MJ Series

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Shear force: 550 tons
Box length: 6.000 mm
Cylinders per lid: 3
Pusher force: 155 tons
Power pack: Perkins Diesel 225 HP
Min. cutting length: 150 mm
Hold down force: 120 tons
Box width: 1.600 mm
Pre-compression force: 200 tons
Bale size: 880 x 650 mm
Cuts per minute: 3-4
Weight: 44.000 Kg
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