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Bronneberg High Speed Baler SP-350

Bronneberg High Speed Baler SP-350

The Bronneberg High Speed SP-350 is a heavy duty baler, designed and engineered in accordance with the latest technology and standards in engineering and manufacturing.

The SP-350 baler cuts like a guillotine shear on the horizontal block, eliminating jamming of material. The SP-350 is designed to produce high density bales from all kind of scrap. The SP-350 baler is designed to reduce down time, increasing ROI with every application.

The SP-350 baler is designed and constructed so that the complete baler can be transported overseas in 3 standard 40ft Flat Rack containers. The SP-350 baler is a stationary baler and a foundation is needed.

The balers are actuated by electric-hydraulic power units and are equipped with high pressure piston pumps with variable output, hydrologic-valves, oil filtering and a cooling and heating system. All these components are water-protected.

The SP-350 baling machine is designed for continuous baling purposes and therefore the pre-loading hopper can be loaded continuously with a grapple or a conveyor belt. If needed, all the functions of the SP-350 baler can be operated manually.

The SP-350 baler is the ideal baler for your scrap yard. Suitable for all types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, especially when bulky.

The Bronneberg SP-350 balers is designed to process the following kind of material:

  • New steel stampings and punching from production lines;
  • Coils;
  • Cans;
  • Aluminium and steel turnings;
  • Wire scrap (copper, aluminium and steel).
  • Steel scrap

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Power pack: 2 x 90 kW + 1 x 22 kW
Bale size: 300 x 300 x var. mm or 400 x 400 x var. mm
First Compression : 1.100 kN
Third Compression: 3.500 kN
Average Production rate: 15 – 20 Tons per hour
Bale weights: 80 – 250 kg
Weight: 65 Ton
Pre compression box dimensions: 3.400 x 1.400 mm
Number of Compressions: 3
Second Compression : 2.100 kN
Production: 90 – 100 bales per hour
Cycle time : 30 Sec.
Operation: Automatic, Remote control
Overall dimensions: 11.500 x 7.000 x 4.000 mm
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