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Hammer mill Forrec Type Z15/1000

Hammer mill Forrec Type Z15/1000

With the development of this unique hammer mill, Forrec offers you the most advanced solution for the processing of various non-ferrous and ferrous products. Whereas in the past huge investments were required, this hammer mill offers you a unique option to start processing and recovering valuable metals from products you were never able to process before.

Certain products should be processed with a single or double shaft shredder before entering the hammer mill. After this, the hammer mill will further separate the material and will also densify it, in order to create a higher value.

The Forrec hammer mill offers you the following advantages:

  • Enormous diversity in products that can be processed;
  • Highest recovery rates of valuable metals from your material streams;
  • Maximum density of output fraction;
  • Low maintenance and running costs

A few examples of products which can be processed with the Hammer mill include:

The rotation speed of the hammer mill is controlled and can be easily adjusted through the inverter. All machine parts that are in contact with the material that is being processed are made from Hardox material and are easy to exchange.

The size reduction of the material is carried out by means of wear resistance hammers with a weight of 16 kg each. Depending on the product that needs to be processed, we can supply various hammer designs. An easy exchangeable Hardox screen determines the desired output fraction. The hammer mill can be opened by 2 hydraulic cylinders to get access to the hammers, side walls and screen.

Power pack : Electric 250 kW
Revolutions : 420 - 740 RPM adjustable with inverter
Rotor length: 1.018 mm
Rotor diameter: 900 mm (with hammers)
Hexagonal shaft: 200 mm
Disks diameter: 720 mm
Disk thickness: 70 mm
Number of hammers: 24 pcs
Hammer weight: 16 kg each
Weight: 18,000 Kg without base frame and customized infeed hopper
Capacity: WEEE 2.5 tons per hour
Capacity: Aluminium 5-8 tons per hour

Further standard features of the Z15/1000 Hammer mill:
- Hydraulic opening for the discharge of foreign objects;
- Hydraulic opening for the upper cover.
- Shaft Bearings lubrication automatic with grease pump managed by PLC; 
- Special anti-vibrations system to reduce the strains produced during the shredding;
- Drive pulley on both sides of the hexagonal rotor shaft in order to quickly reverse the entire rotor instead of rotating the hammers individually;
Support frame complete of stairs and access area for the maintenance operations.

Bronneberg is able to offer you a complete turn-key solution. We can are able to design and deliver and install a complete line consisting of steel-plate conveyor belts, shaker tables, magnets, eddy-current separators and more.

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