• Double shaft shredder Forrec Type FX-8000
Double shaft shredder Forrec Type FX-8000

Double shaft shredder Forrec Type FX-8000

The Forrec Rotary Shears of the FX-8000 range belong to the most heavy duty double shaft shredders on the market.
These rotary shearing machines are capable of processing up to 40 tons of ferrous scrap per hour in the most arduous working circumstances.

These double shaft shredding machine will turn your bulky ferrous material with ease into a more homogeneous output fraction with a minimum density of 750 kg per cubic metre.

The significant higher density of the output material in combination with the high production rate, guarantees that this shredder will become a money maker in each medium and big sized scrap yard.
The Forrec FX double shaft shears are also being used to pre-shred voluminous scrap before its being processed in a hammer mill shredder.
The main reason for adding the Forrec FX double shaft shredder to the hammer mill is that the Forrec FX shredder will easily detect and withstand non-shreddable parts, also referred to as "foreign objects".
If these foreign objects are being banned from entering the shredder, this results in lower maintenance costs, fewer downtime and therefore higher production rates.

When voluminous ferrous mixed scrap is first being processed in the Forrec FX-8000 rotary shear and after in a hammer mill, possible more valuable non-ferrous metals can be recovered, impurities can be removed and last but not least
the end fraction will be more dense. This results in a higher value than traditional sheared mixed scrap metals.

Examples of material that can be processed with our Forrec FX Rotary Shearing machines:
- Complete (drained) cars;
- Baled scrap;
- Mixed non-ferrous metals;
- Concrete bar;
- UBC bales;
- Sheet metals;
- Etc.

Unique reliable characteristics:
- Sophisticated hydraulic power pack.
- Both shaft are driven by 2 independent engines and hydraulic motors.
- Low number of rotations(4 to 6 RPM) resulting in enormous torque to even process most difficult types of ferrous scrap.
- Bearings positioned outside of the cutting chamber to prevent penetration of dirt.
- Configurable automatic gear reversal.
- Automatic greasing system managed by PLC.
- Remote control for operation from crane.
- Wireless modem for remote trouble shooting.
- Configurable interchangeable blades and number of teeth.
- Very low processing costs.

Our range of FX rotary shearing machines are able to process between 20 and 40 metric tons per hour.

We are also able to design customer-specific infeed and outfeed steel slats conveyor belts, Neodymium drum magnets, Eddy Current separators, etc.

Please contact our specialist for more information or challenge them with your (non-)ferrous recycling problem.

Double Shaft Shredder Type Forrec FX-8000 Hydraulic

Power pack: Electric 4 x 200 kW / Diesel 800 HP
Length cutting chamber: 2300 mm
Width cutting chamber: 1850 mm
Revolutions: 4 – 6 Rpm
Blade thickness: 200 mm
Weight: 45,000 Kg (without base frame and hopper)


Sheet metals
Refrigerators and washing machines
Baled scrap metal
Baled and flattened cars

Production Rates:
Mixed scrap metals: 40 tons/hour
Baled scrap metals: 20 tons/hour
Baled cars: 20 tons/hour
Demolished cars: 30 tons/hour

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