• Double shaft shredder Forrec Type FX-5000
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  • broyeur feraille
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Double shaft shredder Forrec Type FX-5000

Double shaft shredder Forrec Type FX-5000

The range of Forrec FX double shaft shredders belong to the heaviest build double shaft shredders in the market. They are designed to process scrap metals under the toughest circumstances.

These double shaft shredders reduce the volume of the ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and significantly increase the material’s density. This will result in lower transport costs.

After the material is processed with this rotating shear further processing could be done with - for example - the Forrec Hammer Mill.

This Forrec double shaft shredder has a sophisticated 4 hydraulic motor configuration (2 per shaft), generating an enormous torque. The low number of revolutions in combination with the high torque will guarantee that this machine can process even the most difficult materials. The shafts are equipped with an interchangeable blade system, meaning that the shafts do no need to be dismantled to change the blades - resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Depending on the material that needs to be processed, the Forrec FK double shaft shredder can achieve production rates of 40 tonnes per hour.

Key Features

  • Available with electric or diesel drive;
  • Low number of revolutions in combination with enormous torque;
  • Automatic reverse in case of overload (managed by PLC);
  • Dual shaft system with 4 independent engines and gear boxes;
  • Configurable automatic gear reversal;
  • Bearings outside of cutting chamber;
  • Automatic greasing system;
  • Easy interchangeable blade system;
  • Remote control for operation from excavator;
  • Modem for fast troubleshooting;
  • Customised hopper and base frame;
  • Special steel shafts with surface heat hardening to drastically reduce wear;
  • Hydraulic transmission with constant power regulation system to obtain high cutting torque at low power consumption.

Double Shaft Shredder Type Forrec FX-5000 Hydraulic

Power pack: Electric 4 x 90 kW / Diesel 650 HP
Length cutting chamber: 2000 mm
Width cutting chamber: 1500 mm
Revolutions: 4 – 6 Rpm
Blade thickness: 150 mm
Weight: 25.000 Kg (without base frame and hopper)


  • Sheet metals
  • Refrigerators and washing machines
  • Baled scrap metal
  • Baled and flattened cars

Production Rates:

  • Mixed scrap metals: 20 tons/hour
  • Baled scrap metals: 12 tons/hour
  • Baled cars: 12 tons/hour
  • Demolished cars: 25 tons/hour

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