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SAS Forks car dismantling grapple

SAS Forks car dismantling grapple

Simply increase cash recovery from fully processing ELV (End of Life Vehicles).

Fast and simple installation:
- Hold down bracket engineered to pin to existing excavator mount and use existing under carriage hydraulics.
- Grapple of SAS Extreme Scrap Metal Recovery Attachment pins directly to factory stick mount of Excavator.

Extract more metals from your existing car dismantling activities and generate maximum revenues.

Recover more (precious) metals:
- Copper wiring, radiators, heater core, alternators, starters
- Aluminum condensers, a/c evaporators, intake manifolds
- Engines and transmissions
- Multiply your revenue by separating more non-ferrous metals from car bodies


Rotating head with Patented jaws that provide combination of:
- Aggressive teeth for engine pulling;
- Needle nose type tip for wire harness retrieval;
- Penetrate tight areas with speed & accuracy with streamlined smooth exterior shape;
- Replaceable needle nose tips (Patent Pending );
- Hard facing on jaw teeth;
- Hardened pins and bushings and grease-able pivot points for extend service life;
- Hydraulic cylinder on rotating head is protected to minimize potential damage;
- Wire stripper V to clean up harnesses.

Excavator weight : 15-22 tons
Weight grapple with rotator : 1400 Kg

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