Welsh Recycling Manufacturer Secures UK Distributorship

Another leading player lands on Welsh shores, as Award winning Welsh manufacturer secures UK Distributorship

Bridgend based Recycle Direct Limited has secured the UK Distributorship for Dutch firm Bronneberg, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of machinery for the metal recycling sector. This now positions Recycle Direct as one of the leading Welsh/UK based suppliers of recycling equipment, with a product portfolio to deal with the recycling of metals, plastics, paper and cardboard.

The company, who last year received the Made in Wales ‘Creative Design Award’ for one of its new balers moved into mainstream equipment manufacturing less than two years ago and has already supplied its range of automatic, semi automatic balers and associated products into leading waste management companies and recently into Welsh Local Authorities, Gwynedd and Anglesey County Councils.

Speaking about the new partnership, Nigel Davies, Managing Director of Recycle Direct said, “ we made a strategic decision a few years ago to move into mainstream manufacturing, building on the expertise and skills within the organisation and, having successfully made this transition, we were the obvious partner for Bronneberg, not only because of our complimentary product portfolio, existing client base, sector knowledge and engineering capabilities, but because of the company’s commitment to training, development (product and personnel)and continuous improvement, something Bronneberg are themselves very committed to”

“Over the past 13 years we have focussed predominantly on the recycling of plastics, cardboard, paper and metal cans, but with the Bronneberg’s scrap balers, shears, cable recycling machines, car flatteners and shredders, we now have the complete range of equipment to supply this extensive sector. We have tended to avoid the heavy scrap metal sector, but this distribution arrangement now opens up new opportunities for us, which is very exciting and, having recently supplied metal balers into TATA Holland, we are confident that we can expand further Bronneberg’s considerable expertise in the UK market place ”.

Alexander Jegerings of Bronneberg commented, “although we have been supplying our equipment into the UK for a number of years, we have spent the past few months trying locate an exclusive partner who will promote our revitalised range of machines and we are delighted to have identified Recycle Direct. Our equipment meets all the latest Health and Safety Regulations and as a company they meet all of our requirements. Bronneberg has set up alliances with strong, reputable partners in order to react to customer needs rapidly, flexibly and efficiently. All of our partners have indisputably proved their added value in the recycling industry and because each partner contributes its own specialist expertise, we are capable of tackling major turn-key projects and offering solutions for complex recycling problems.

Editors Notes:
Recycle Direct Limited was established in 1999 and has been supplying the recycling sector for over 13 years, however its management has over 35 years of industry experience/knowledge. They employ 25 people at their factory in Bridgend and specialise in the design, manufacture, refurbishment, servicing/maintenance of balers, conveyors and associated products for the waste/recycling sectors.

Bronneberg was founded in 1946 and their expertise in the area of recycling machines is based on nearly 70 years of experience in the recycling industry. Bronneberg develops and produces its famous Bronneberg recycling machines in-house. Bronneberg's balers and shears led to a minor revolution in the recycling sector in the 1950s.
Today, Bronneberg develops and manufactures reliable and user-friendly shears, including guillotine shears and alligator shears, cable processing equipment, scrap balers and car flatteners. The company's sales offices and high-quality service facilities are located in Helmond (the Netherlands) and Mannheim (Germany) respectively.

Recycle Direct Limited: Nigel Davies, Managing Director, 01656 724111,
e.mail info@recycledirect.com ; website www.recycledirect.com

Bronneberg : Alexander Jegerings, +31 (0)6 52512377;
e.mail a.jegerings@bronneberg.nl ; UK website www.bronneberg-recycling.co.uk;

Welsh Recycling Manufacturer Secures UK Distributorship