4 Ways To Safely Recycle Electronics

We all know that electronics are complex devices made up of endless circuits, wiring and batteries to name a few. However, what many of us aren’t aware of, is the danger that comes encased within our beloved gadgets and appliances.

Heavy metals such as lead, mercury or arsenic, as well as flame retardant substances are toxic materials found across the whole electrical and electronic product spectrum. These substances pose a serious threat to both ourselves and the environment if not disposed of correctly.

If your company produces or distributes electrical and electronic equipment, disposing of older or faulty devices safely could be trickier than you might think! On that note, here are four responsible ways to get rid of your old electronic devices.

Invest in a WEEE Approved Recycling Plant
Waste disposal legislation (WEEE) demands that you implement secure procedures to dispose of your unwanted electronics. At the same time, the rules emphasise your responsibility to spread the word to your customers and provide free guidance on how to safely recycle e-waste.

Many manufacturing giants such as Intel and Accenture have already moved the needle and recognise the importance of sustainability at the heart of the current environmental crisis.

Therefore, if you’re running a large manufacturing business, perhaps it’s worth considering investing in your own recycling plant.

Bronneberg provides innovative options such as the WEEE recycling equipment which effectively reduces scrap and separates different material streams, to ensure WEEE compliance. Having this in your inventory will definitely help you contribute to a sustainable economy.

Rehome Your Devices
New year, new electronics! If your business was lucky enough to have gotten electronic equipment upgrades, you’re probably wondering what to do with your old devices. By now, you know that chucking them in the bin is not an option, so why not consider selling or donating them?

Use your preferred e-commerce platform to list your products or, for smaller quantities, you can get in touch with your local electronic shop.

If you also want to give back to the community, ask yourself if you or your employees know of any NGOs or student unions which might require such equipment. If functioning, your old company laptop or printer could be as useful to others as it was to you.

Return To Your EEE Suppliers 
Many electrical and electronic manufacturers will have an exchange policy whereby they’ll allow you to return your old devices so long as you purchase their newer versions. This usually warrants for great discounts on new purchases and helps you maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with your electronics supplier.

Choose a WEEE Compliant Recycling Service
If you’re not ready to make drastic changes to your business or simply don’t have the time to manage the disposal of your e-waste, here’s some good news!

These companies will usually get the work done on the day and, most importantly, they operate a zero-to-landfill policy, so you can rest assured that any non-recyclable parts will be sent to generate Green energy.

If your company relies on a lot of machinery, you can declutter your working space by using Bronneberg’s recycling service to get rid of any unwanted old machines and spare parts.

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4 Ways To Safely Recycle Electronics