Aluminium Recycling

The recycling of aluminum effectively goes back to the time That people started manufacturing aluminum. One of the main Reasons for the recycling of aluminum is aluminum That is fairly simple to melt. In contrast to the use of new raw materials, a 95% energy saving is possible rate When aluminum scrap is being used for the production of new aluminum. The ultimate goal while recycling aluminum to Achieve the Purest end fraction. This material will be oversupplied back to the aluminum smelter and melt losses can be minimized.

Bronneberg offers an extensiveness range of aluminum recycling machinery and equipment, zoals the following small selection of solutions:

  • XRF and LIBS handheld metal analyzing devices for the sorting of various aluminum alloys
  • Alligator shears for cutting and cleaning aluminum profiles
  • Metal balers for compacting scrap aluminum into bales with high density That can be directly fed into the furnaces
  • Single-shaft shredders and rotary shears for the processing of contaminated aluminum scrap
  • Hammer Mills to densify and clean aluminum scrap
  • Eddy-current non-ferrous metal separators for the recovery of aluminum from municipal solid waste (MSW)
If you would like to benefit from our experience in the field of aluminum recycling, please contact one of our specialists. Alternatively, take a look at our full guide to aluminium recycling.

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