Bronneberg Family

We are there for good and bad times. We transfer our knowledge and learn from each other. We know each other so well that everything and everyone have responded to each other, we trust each other through and through. Together we are strong and we have a lot of expertise. We cannot live without each other.

Family is the basis of our success. It brings everything in balance. When we talk about family we are not just talking about our blood relatives; our sons, brothers, fathers and uncles. We are therefore talking about our colleagues and actually also our international customers and suppliers. We stand up for each other and share our knowledge as if it were our own brothers and sisters. You must be able to build on and rely on family. Together we can handle the world and we make the best machines.

Bronneberg family crest

We also have a family crest. This symbolizes the strength, quality and family ties within our company. It is a symbol of our love and passion for our profession and can be seen as a hallmark on our machines and services.

We also view all machines that we devise and make together as a family. They are our children. We give each of them the right characteristics to function optimally in their new home. These naturally "cold" machines come to life at Bronneberg by giving them a "warm" heart. This means that they are no longer just machines. It is "one of Bronneberg", recognizable by our family crest. Clients know "who" they bring, it is trusted.

From the birth of the idea it is our natural nature to take care of our family
machines, our children. We raise them to fulfil their job somewhere in our world
with our customers. We never drop them. Together with our customers and machines, we are one large business family. You belong, you are part of the family, both people and machines.

The Bronneberg family, always familiar and personal.

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